FRIDAY DAY 13 (Day 9 of 21-day Fasting and Prayers)

Scriptural Reading: Mark 10:9

 From the beginning, God meant for man and woman to be together, joined in an indivisible holy matrimony. Every marriage experiences problems. Marital problems can be extremely intense and painful, and pains can cut deep and linger for a very long time. The institution of marriage is under attack today. Hear this, “Just this morning, I discussed with a User of DSD whose husband is expecting a child from a mistress because she had not been able to have a child for him. She said to me, “I want to call it quits. I cannot continue. There is nothing I have not done to keep this marriage and to make my husband happy; all I receive are abuses and insults.”

From every corner, barrage after barrage is being fired against God’s plan for marriage. But the one ultimate source of the attack is often overlooked. For the war against, as well as within, the institution of marriage is most fundamentally a spiritual warfare. Child of God, is there an invisible warfare going on against your marriage, the marriage of your parents, family members and children? And if the enemy’s assaults are successful, then the marriages will not reflect the image of God, reproduce a godly heritage, nor reign with God in His kingdom enterprise. So then our primary struggle is not primarily with our spouses, it is with the spiritual forces arrayed against God and His people in the invisible sphere of spiritual realities. Hear this, “A mother-in-law lamented that her daughter’s spiritual husband would not allow her daughter conceive. She said that her son-in-law feels physical hands pulling him out of his wife whenever they are together. The man would be lifted up and dropped on the floor by the unseen hands.” This sounds unbelievable but it is true. Beloved, what is our defense against this malevolent onslaught aimed at our marriages? What kinds of attack has the enemy launched against your marriage in recent days? Satan the devil has a great interest in breaking marriages. For our marriages to be victorious in spiritual warfare, we must commit ourselves to persistent and corporate prayers in the power of the Holy Spirit. You will not have the marriage that God wants you to unless you are willing to stand and fight for it in prayer and understanding, because you are born into a world at war. Child of God, united in prayer and in faith, we rise to reclaim marriages from the manipulations of the devil. Broken marriages must be restored. Do you believe God for this miracle of restoring broken marriages, revitalize failing marriage relationships, re-igniting the fire of true love among couples, bringing back spouses that have abandoned their marriages, etc? Beloved, your marriage must be successful according to God’s plan in the name of Jesus Christ.

 Prayer Points:

  1. Thank the Lord for the institution of marriage.
  2. Ask for forgiveness for the times you have taken decisions against the progress of your marriage.
  3. My marriage will live up to God’s expectation in every area in the name of Jesus Christ.
  4. The sweetness in my marriage will never be exhausted in the name of Jesus Christ.
  5. O Lord, fill my heart with unconditional love for my spouse in the name of Jesus Christ.
  6. O God, heal my marriage of any kind of ungodly behaviour in the past in the name of Jesus Christ.
  7. Every seed of disagreement and separation, be taken out of my marriage in the name of Jesus Christ.
  8. O God and Mighty Restorer, restore divine bliss to my marriage in the name of Jesus Christ.
  9. Every unholy gathering against my marriage, be scattered in the name of Jesus Christ.
  10. Holy Ghost, anointing for prosperous marital life, fall upon me now in the name of Jesus Christ.
  11. O God, let my spouse find favour in Your sight, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  12. Every barrier between me and my partner, melt away like wax before fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  13. O God, let the uncommon grace to make me and my spouse live a benefitting and sacrificial life rest upon us in the name of Jesus Christ; destroy every agenda of the devil against my life in marriage, in the name of Jesus.
  14. God of power, we come before You and lay all the marriages of Daily Strength devotional users in your hands. We ask that You would be with husbands and wives, and draw them toward happy matrimony. We ask that You will renew their love and passion for one another. We ask that You would untangle their conflicts and strife, and heal the hurts. We ask that You will bring understanding and tenderness of heart among them. May they both embrace the miracle that You desire to do for them and with them, in the might name of Jesus. Amen.

Exercise: Take the “Prayer on the Blood of Jesus; Weapon for Demonic Destruction” at Midnight or any convenient time.

Meditation: Isaiah 54:19