Scripture Reading: Luke 7: 36-50

Let’s start today’s reflection with this wonderful statement from St. Theresa. She says, “What offends Jesus, what wounds him to the heart, is want of confidence.” St. Augustine collaborates this thus, “The Kingdom of heaven, o man, requires no other price than yourself. The value of it is yours. Give yourself for it and you shall have it.”  Share this wonderful manifestation of God’s love upon His daughter. I was called by a lady from Abuja who introduced herself as a lady in pain and required the intervention of Christ. On inquiry, I was meant to understand that she was a Prostitute who was always convicted as she read through the reflections in the Daily Strength Devotional. According to her, she could not hold herself after studying the messages in days 9 and 10 December 2015. She wept as she spoke to me, condemning her actions and praying for God’s divine intervention. I quickly linked her up with one of the servants of Christ there in Abuja, who took up her case, secured accommodation and rehabilitated her. She went for Sacramental confession and today enjoying the wonderful love and freedom, which Christ gives.

Beloved, this was precisely, the situation with Mary who was described as sinful; but when she heard that Jesus was coming for dinner in the home of Simeon, decided to show up and display her love for Him. Just like the power in the word of God moved the lady in the story above to seek new life in Christ, so Mary was attracted to Jesus because of her hunger for salvation. To demonstrate her hunger and thirst for the fresh water, which only Christ can give, she emptied very costly perfume made of genuine aromatic nard upon Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair. This was great sign of love, humility and confidence in the person of Christ. Though the world had branded her a sinner, her sinful life did not stop her from thinking positively about the Lord Jesus Christ. The lady in our story today told me that it was very painful for her each time she remembered that in her situation she could not share of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ at Mass. She was even ashamed introducing herself to other people. But both Mary and this Lady refused to accept their ugly situations rather they stretched their hands of fellowship to Him who is capable of saving them. Today the lady is out of the Hotel and lives in her own apartment; enjoying God’s protection and love. Just as Jesus told Mary, “Your sins are forgiven”, (Verse 48)so he set the Lady free after her sacramental confession.

Beloved, the Holy Spirit asks you, “Do you truly know Jesus? Do you truly love Jesus? Can you afford to deny yourself some pleasure for His sake? In John 12:3, the Scripture described the perfume as “Costly perfume oil from genuine aromatic nard” and as expected Mary had a lot of distracting voices. Beloved, today the cruel and wicked voice of Satan and his agents may be very loud asking you to reject the call for salvation. Say ‘No’ to it now and focus on the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for today’s reflection.
  2. Take the Prayer of Self Surrender to God in section A
  3. Take the prayer Trinitarian Invocation in Section A
  4. Lord God of Mercy, grant me today the grace and faith of self-denial and dependence on Christ.
  5. Pray for the conversion of your relations, friends and children, yet to accept Jesus as Lord and God.
  6. Pray for the Lady in our story today that she will be a positive example to all the Prostitutes who were with her in the same Hotel in Jesus name.

Exercise: Pray especially today for all children in your compound. Dedicate them to Christ Jesus.

Memory verse: Mark 1:15