Scripture Reading: Matthew 26:14-15

Today, our reflection decries the desire for immediate repayment for one good deed done. It also calls us to forbid the desire to seek personal gains, and immediate benefits especially with respect to spiritual matters. Today we are invited to a deeper Christian life which enables us to operate without seeking our personal glory. The truth, dear Child of God, is that every individual has the tendency to desire immediate rewards for whatever good rendered. It is also true that individuals want to be glorified, praised and even worshipped for any great achievement recorded. Judas was so carried away by what he stood to gain; this led him to seek self-benefits while following the Lord. He was following the Lord with strings attached. His sole aim of following the Lord was not to be a committed disciple like the other disciples, hence, calamity befell him. So beloved in Christ, we are challenged to review the reasons we seek the face of the Lord. Look at our world today, many present day disciples are not following the Lord because of their love and determination to please Him with their treasures, talents and time. Most workers in the vineyard of God these days do so perhaps, primarily to satisfy themselves. Self-love is the dominant reason for most pastoral engagements.

No wonder St. Francis de Sales says, “Self-love is cunning, it pushes and insinuates itself in everything, while making us believe it is not there at all.” Pope St. Clement therefore warns, “Let our praise be with God, and not from ourselves, For God hates those who praise themselves.” “For man’s highest life does not consist in self-expression, but in self-sacrifice.” (R.H. Benson) Brethren, your life is without foundation, if in any matter, you choose on your own what benefits should accrue to you. Our Lord Jesus Christ warns us today in these words, “In all truth I tell you, unless a wheat of grain falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single grain; but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest.” (John 12:24) (NJB) Beloved, what is our primary motive of accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour? Is it only for earthly well-being. If so, we are yet to truly believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. Child of God, we must aim primarily at securing eternal life in Christ Jesus, who suffered greatly to pay for it.
MASS: VIOLET Ezk 47: 1-9. 12; Ps 46: 2-3. 5-6. 8-9 (R.8); Accl. Ps 51:10a.12a; Jn 5: 1-16
Prayer Points:

Honestly ask the Lord to change your orientation of seeking Him which is tied to personal gains.

Pray against the spirit of worldliness in a Christian calling.

Pray for all those seeking vocations to the priesthood and religious, that their aim of pursuing pursuing a career in the vineyard of God will be entirely for the sake of saving souls.

Exercise: Do not allow the spirit of greed to rule over your life.
Meditation: 1 Corinthians 6:12.