Scripture Reading: Psalm 68:1

Share this testimony:  “Follow me and thank God for double blessings on my family.  My only brother schools in UK.  In March, he was arrested and detained in prison.  We cried, prayed and begged God to deliver him and bring him out.  He was denied bail, my mum was depressed and wanted to die, but we kept encouraging her.  He was finally granted bail, first week of August and on 14th of same month all the charges dropped.  That same day, my sister delivered a bouncing baby boy.  Bro. Jude where do I begin to thank Baba God.  Please tell me.”  This is divine visitation.  When a family, community and church are yet to experience the visitation of God, poverty, premature death, stagnancy, near success, quarrels, divisions and demonic oppression become the order of the day.   Year-in year-out, complaints are rife about what the enemy is doing.

A brother shared the testimony of his life with me recently.  He was the first child and son from a polygamous home.  His father was a strong member of a cult group and quite wealthy.  However, the mother was not loved by his father, as such his father refused to take care of his education; he managed through personal efforts to attend secondary school.  After his secondary education, his father wanted to initiate him to the group, he refused because he had become a strong member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since he left home.  Every night he was oppressed to the extent that he became seriously sick but kept praying.  One night he cried to God asking him to take over all his battles.  Miraculously, his strange sickness disappeared, not too long after, his father died.  Immediately, after these happenings, he started experiencing unimaginable progress, and today he has completed his education, married and blessed with children. Beloved, the devil and his demonic spirits can be operating in your family and life, but when God arises, every satanic set-up will crumble before him.  Do you know why some family members don’t see eye ball to eye ball?  Satan is the one responsible.  He understands the power of family unity and acts in the life of one or two members of the family by afflicting them with the evil spirits of stubbornness, envy and jealously.  Gradually, these afflictions are fanned to paternal hatred, which leads to show of wickedness.

If you are going through this as a family; you need a Commander that will put everything in order.  When He arises in your home, sickness will bow, everyone will come together to progress.  The bonds that tie the family together will be rekindled, and all satanic doors and windows shall be shut permanently, while God of heaven opens, divine doors and windows of opportunities and favour. Unfortunately, many people assumed these things to be normal.  But as a child of God, you have a Commanding Officer whose name can break rock into pieces, his word is fire, is like a hammer that breaks very difficult situations.  He is a war strategist who does not fight with weapons of conventional warfare.  His name is Jesus Christ the son of God.  Hear this, “In times past, God spoke in partial and various ways to our ancestor through the prophets; in these last days, he spoke to us through his son, whom he made heir of all things and through whom he created the universe, the God has chosen to possess all things at the end.  He reflects the brightness of God’s glory and the exact likeness of God’s own being sustaining the universe with his powerful word . . . .” (Heb. 1:1 – 3) Are you ready to fight on His side?  Do you want Him to lead you?  Have you allowed Him a place in your life?  Then invite Him to take over your battles.  Surrender your life to Him and be still before Him.  You will return with testimonies in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song to worship Him as you are led.
  2. Pray with Psalm 123:1-4 (meditatively and seriously).
  3. Hear me, O my Lord as I cry unto you: Pray meditatively with Psalm 58:3 – 9 .
  4. Lord, I surrender all my struggles to you, take over them.
  5. Pray for all members of the Daily Strength family imprisoned by Satan.
  6. Pray for as many Christian who Satan has turned into opposing forces to Christ and His gospel (Take seriously).

Exercise:  Take the Self Deliverance Prayer in Daily Strength Devotional.

Memory Verse:Exodus 14:14