Scripture Reading: Matthew 9: 1-4

The problem with the world is not God neither is it the fault of the world itself. In His nature, God is perfect and eternal. It was in this perfection of God that He created the whole universe including man and that at each stage of creation “God saw that it was good”. The account of creation recorded how God created everything in the world, stage by stage. So, God is good and He created a good world including man. In their very nature; nothing God created is evil. Many will wonder and ask “If God is good and He created a good world, how do we explain the different difficulties and traces of evil we find in the good world created by a good God? Why do evil things happen?” The problem started when man (Adam) ignored the voice of God and doubted what God can do. He doubted the competence of God and fell prey to the proposal of the devil. Man thought evil by underestimating the power of God. Man also doubted God’s love. He doubted that God has the best interests for him. In the same vein, the Teachers of the law doubted the ability of Jesus to forgive sin or to heal. Of course they nursed evil thought in their hearts when they said, “This man is blaspheming” (V.3). Jesus perceived what they were thinking, so He said, “why are you thinking such evil things?” (V.4)

These Teachers of the Law thought evil because they doubted the person of Jesus and underestimated His power as God. It was not enough that they doubted the power of God, the problem is that they could have also blocked the miracle of the paralysed man. This is the exact picture of what happens regularly in our own lives. When we doubt the power and mercy of God, we remove ourselves from the ocean of His mercy and we suffer it; “cut off from me, you can do nothing” (Jn. 15:5). Sometimes, our doubt in God can also block the blessings of others just like the Teachers of the Law would have blocked the healing and forgiveness of the paralysed man whom Jesus wanted to set free. Let us, therefore, work on ourselves and eschew evil in our hearts.

MASS: VIOLET: Song of Solom. 2: 8-14; Ps 33: 2-3. 11-12.20-21(R.1a,3a); Lk 1: 39-45 ST. PETER CANISIUS, P, DR

Prayer Points:

1. Take a worship song of your choice and bless God for the gift of life.

2. Acknowledge the power of God to do all things even in situations that prove very difficult.

3. Present all DSD family members seeking life partner, fruit of the womb and all who are sick to the Lord today.

4. Ask God for the grace never to waver especially when things do not move as we have planned them.

5. Invite God to take absolute control of all the situations of your life and those of your family.

Exercise: Reach out to someone who seems to have an impossible case encourage him or her to start 2018 with the Lord in fasting and prayers.

Meditation: Psalm 23:1