Scripture Reading: Psalms 18: 1-6
Oh, the beauty and excitement of a first love. There is so much expectation and hope, so much longing and promises. Visits never seem long enough, and time apart appears too long and unbearable. But one thing that stands out in every first love experience is the total abandonment and trust that accompanies it. Every secret, hope and fear is shared, and virtually everything is believed and accepted. Every wrong is easily forgiven and forgotten.
Think back on when you first encountered Jesus, if indeed you have encountered Him. You will remember how waking up was with great joy in your heart and songs of praise on your lips; no matter how tired you were you will never go to bed except you have reviewed your day with Him. Do you remember how He occupied your every thought and you never saw anything to complain about? Even when something goes contrary to your desire, you accepted it with an understanding that it didn’t matter. You believed God’s word without any iota of doubt. Think back on how you couldn’t wait to finish whatever you were doing before going back to your quiet place to be with Him. Recall how you wanted everyone to know about Him, how you could trek distances just to hear His word, sing His praise and be in fellowship with the brethren. Those early days when nothing caused us shame or embarrassment as we joyfully lived out our lives for Him. Have you forgotten how you wept like a baby when you prayed, and how you shouted “Alleluia!” in response to “Praise the Lord”?
What went wrong? What changed? What has brought you to this cold, unexciting, dragging Christian life? How is it that we have now forgotten how to sing on our own, and now do so only when drums and keyboards are blasting off in their highest pitches? How come a chapter of the Bible has now become too long to read and prayer has become a routine that we hurriedly recite to fulfill all righteousness? How is it that the things we did with joy and gladness have become just an obligation?
Beloved, the Lord tells us today to consider where we have fallen from; and to repent and return to our First Love. He doesn’t desire our sacrifices and labor, He wants our hearts, our love.
MASS: GREEN/WHITE Ex. 34:29-35; Ps. 99:; Accl. Jn. 15:15b; Matt. 13:44-46 ST. EUSEBIUS OF VERCELLI, B. (OPT MEM) & ST. PETER JULIAN EYMARD, P. (OPT MEM)
Prayer Points
1. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, O Lord!
2 Take meditatively, “Stay with Me O Lord”, by St. Padre Pio.
3 Say this prayer: “I love You Jesus, my Lord above all things. I repent with my heart for sinning against You. Never permit me to separate myself from You again. Grant that I may love You always and do with me what You will!
Exercise: Repeat this prayer throughout the day: “Rekindle Your love in my heart”.
Meditation: Rev. 3:20