Scripture Reading: Galatians 3:1-5
Today, the Holy Spirit continues to nudge our hearts concerning the issue of our first love for Christ. Today we trust that the Lord in His mercy will help us to trace our ways back. Oftentimes, when things go wrong, or a relationship goes sour, we wonder if tracing the cause of the problem is really as necessary as finding a way out. In this particular issue, it is important that we walk in obedience to the Master’s command: “Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works…” (Rev. 2:5)
Yesterday, we tried to remember how it was with the Lord at the beginning. However, things began to change. Perhaps, we may not be able to point out what really happened, yet something changed. The times we spent alone with Him began to diminish while our time with men, and other activities became central. We became more men-conscious and less God-conscious.
However, the craziness and foolishness began when we started focusing on other things. It escalated, when we began to believe that we need to do more, other than just trying to become more like Him by yielding to the Spirit. We finally lost it, when we began to think that we didn’t have to seek His will over every matter in our lives, and decided to be more like other Christians around us who are not intimately involved with the Lord and who believe that God’s approval comes from activities. That, beloved, was what bewitched us.
What then is the way back? It is a relationship, and relationships are built. Why not start with a sincere open communication? He invites us to come to reason things out with Him in Isaiah (1:18); why not take up that offer? Then, the Holy Spirit will again direct us on how to please the Father. We will be sensitive to, and yield totally to the prompting of the Spirit. It was by the Spirit that we began, it is by the Spirit we will be established. Let’s believe Him and return to our intimacy with the greatest lover of our souls.
MASS: GREEN Ex. 40:16-21.34-38; Ps. 84: 7a (R.1); Accl.Acts. 16:14b; Matt. 13:47-53
Prayer Points:
Most sweet Jesus, the love of the saints, set my love on fire for You. Transform me into Yourself, divinize me that my deeds and thoughts may be pleasing to You. May this be accomplished by the power of Your Spirit which I plead that You do not take away from me. Oh, how great my soul tastes and desires You now. Release upon me a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit, O Lord!
Grant me correct understanding of what pleases You Lord, that I may bless and praise You at all times.
I beseech You O Lord, show Your mercy on all users of DSD that they may have intimacy with You.
Exercise: Visit the Blessed Sacrament today to pray for growth in Your walk with God.
Meditation: Isaiah 1:18