Scripture Reading: Proverbs 31:30
Today, in a special way, the Lord addresses women – young or old, married or unmarried or those called to a consecrated life. It is a moment of sober reflection for women. The call is for women to re-assess the place of virtue in their lives. By default, every woman is created to manifest goodness. There is nothing as soothing as seeing a godly woman in the society, in the church or at home. Today women are fast losing the value of their worth. What makes a woman great is the amount of holiness in her, the summation of goodness kindness, patience and love she possesses. Today the good Lord speaks to every woman no matter the status under which she operates; as girl-child, daughter, wife, mother, sister, aunty, or reverend sister. Friend, you have been deposited with goodness and it is only in living a virtuous life that such goodness can manifest. The reason the devil comes in different forms to distract you is for you not to manifest the good qualities that God has put into you. When you are not living a holy life as a woman, you become prey to the devil and cannot manifest the goodness of womanhood anymore, unless you repent. When the Mother of Jesus allowed the goodness that God put into her to reign, her consent to the will of God, made possible the redemptive mission of God. Let every woman learn today and know that they are only to cooperate with God, who endowed them with goodness. Anything that falls short of that is consenting to calamity; it is giving assent to the reign of a negative spirit. According to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Baal worship was introduced into Israel by Jezebel (1 Kings 16:31-32; 18:19; 2 Kings 9:22), and into Judah by her daughter Athaliah (2 Chronicles 22:3; 24:7). Today the Lord challenges women to become the virtuous woman in the church, in their homes, in the society at large. This is because any negative behaviour that you manifest, affects a lot of people, including those that concern you. If you are a good woman, your rating will be very high, if you are a bad woman, it is very dangerous. The influence of women who are good and do good deeds are known all over the place. In the missionary journey of our Lord Jesus Christ, women were very helpful in the provision of basic needs to support the success of His ministry. Women are good counselors; like Huldah, whose counsel was sought by the high priest and king (2 Chronicles 34:22). Ruth’s persistence set up the lineage of our Saviour. Therefore, leave that brothel, that hotel, that prostitution business. That is not what God created you for. From today, O woman, take your rightful place to manifest only goodness. Always remember, the beauty of a woman is lost when virtue is missing. When you are adjudged as beautiful, let what makes up the beauty be your good character and conduct and not merely physical adornments. Let us continue tomorrow.
MASS: WHITE Ex. 16:1-5.9-15; Ps. 78:18-19.23-24.25-26.27-28(R.24b); Matt. 13:1-9 SS. JOACHIM & ANNE, PARENTS OF THE B.V.M. (MEMORIAL)
Prayer Points:
1. Pray for all woman, this simple prayer: “O Lord, make all women, good in Jesus name.
2. In the name of Jesus, let every evil spirit tormenting womanhood be banished forever.
3. Pray for women who cause a lot of havoc in the homes, churches, their societies, that they will refrain from it.
Exercise: Pray for all women to become the embodiment of goodness
Meditation: Luke 13:12