Scripture Reading: Titus 2:3-5
Yesterday, the Holy Spirit instructed women on the need to be disseminators of goodness and to allow virtue to reign always. Today, the Lord wants women to look into certain unwholesome attitudes that are described to be rampant among women which should be avoided. Some of these negative habits include:
Gossiping and backbiting: As a woman, ensure that you are not in the habit of going from one place to the other, from person to person talking about people. Watch your discussions about other people, especially negatively. As a woman, if you can desist from condemning and criticizing people you will become an outstanding personality. Let people know you even in your neighborhood as one who does not talk flippantly, but one who can keep confidential matters secret.
Garrulous– talking too much: Oftentimes, men make sarcastic remarks about women: “Ah! Women! They talk too much.” As a woman do not be known for talking too much, many wives who talk too much make their husbands scared of coming home. If you must say something, sieve it through the three sieves provided by Socrates: first, what you want to say must be true; second, what you want to say must be good; third, what you want to say must be necessary. Avoid a flippant tongue so that you will become respectable among men and women.
Quarrelling: As a woman, avoid all forms of quarrelling. It is a disgrace to see women quarrelling, either at home, in the market place or at work place. Quarrelling distorts the personality of womanhood. Address issues with a kind and polite approach. No matter the extent to which you are provoked as a woman; you can command much respect for yourself by not quarrelling or shouting on top of your voice.
Nagging: If you asked, “a man or woman who the word “nagging” is usually ascribed to”, they will tell you it is woman. Do not live your life complaining about one thing or the other. A complaining wife is a sour to the husband. If you are a person who nags, people around you will hardly get peace of mind. If you live your life as a woman without nagging, it will go a long way to make people around you enjoy your presence.
A Christian writer has outlined four essential influences a woman should possess and emit: “prayerful influence, faithful influence, fragrant influence (spread of virtue), and courageous influence.” Do not be like Eve, she emitted a negative influence on Adam and we are still suffering the consequence today.
MASS: GREEN Ex. 19:1-2.9-11.16-20b; Ps. Dan. 3:29-; Accl. Matt 11:25; Matt. 13:10-17
Prayer Points:
1. Every attitude in me that contradicts the God-given goodness in my life, be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
2. Every bait set by the enemy to destroy me as a woman, I receive power to overcome them in the name of Jesus.
3. Pray for women who are used as objects of immorality, that God will deliver and save them.
Exercise: Look into your life, carefully analyze those things that you do that provoke people.
Meditation: Proverbs 11:22