Scripture Reading:  Psalms 63: 1-11

St. Romuald starts today’s reflection with these words of exaltation: “Dear Jesus! My dear Jesus! My unspeakable desire! My joy! Joy of the Angels! Sweetness of the Saints!” This is a declaration of confidence and unwavering love. It is in line with the covenant of God with His people where He says, “They shall be my people, and I will be their God.” (Jer. 32:38) The choice of God is always made out of personal volition. It is never a given. It is a matter of choice. Although, He alone is God, I can choose to make something else my god. I can replace Him and give His place to another. “They (Israelites) forgot the God that saved them from  Egypt…..” Dear friend, to everything God created is attached a glory; the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the reptiles, birds of the air and fish all have their glories. The truth is, what you serve determines your glory. You possess the glory of what you serve. You serve an ass, you will possess the glory of ass; if you serve the sun, you will possess the glory of the sun; if you serve the moon, you will possess the glory of the moon; and if you serve the eternal God, making Him your God, you will possess the glory of God. For the created order, since they are transient (short lived) in themselves, so also is their glory; the glories they possess are transient and will also fade away. You can be any entity. Like the Psalmist, St. Paul chose the Eternal One as his God and he was not disappointed. Thus, He  boldly says in 2 Tim. 1:12, “I know the God whom I have placed my trust in.” He recognized his God and that for him was a blessed assurance. When we make the Lord our God, He stands in for us and acts as such; doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves due to human limitations. When we convert our hearts and in our actions proclaim the Lord as our God, He comes into our lives and our situations and  bears our burdens with us, giving us joy while He leads us into green pastures. He needs our total commitment while we acknowledge His Godhead over our lives.

Beloved, is the Lord still your God or have you exchanged Him with gold or silver? This was the fundamental error Judas Iscariot fell into when he betrayed the Lord of life for 30 pieces of silver. We also, like Judas, also exchange our God for

worthless things which we often price at estimable values. At those moments we fulfil the words of Jeremiah 2:11 where Jeremiah prophesied that “No nation changes its gods. But my people have changed their glory for useless things.” Whatever occupies the first place in your life is your god. Whatever you give first considerations to in making decisions is your god. Whatever you pay primary and principal allegiance to is your god. Let us examine our hearts and see how far we have exchanged our God such that we can no longer address the Lord like the Psalmist in these or similar words, “You are my God”.


Rev. 14: 1-3. 4b-5; Ps 24: 1-2. 3-4ab. 5-6; (R.6); Accl Mt 24:42a.44; Lk 21: 1-4



Prayer Points:

  1. Take the song, “O self, surrender to God.”
  2. Dedicate your entire life to God with all that you have and are.
  3. Father, have mercy on me for the times I exchanged You for material things.
  4. Give me grace, O Lord, to be faithful to Your covenant.
  5. Help me to put You first in all the decisions I make in life.

Exercise: Declare with joy in your heart 7 times, “You are my God.”

Memory Verse: Psalms 106:20