Third Sunday of Easter
Scripture Reading: Luke 4:35-44
At the end of Luke’s gospel, the disciples were still trying to understand what happened to Jesus, and Jesus was still trying to help them figure it out. Following His resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples again. They still had a hard time recognizing Him and figuring out if He was a ghost. To help them know He was really there with them, Jesus ate a piece of fish and asked the disciples to go out into the world to tell others the Good News. The early Church of Luke’s community had the same problem, and much of Luke’s writing was intended to help these new Christians see that the resurrection was indeed real. As He did at the Last Supper, Jesus once again broke bread with the disciples and offered them His body.
Fr. Anthony Kadavil told a story thus: “There was a man who was very attached to his father, who had been a labourer all his life. When the father died the son was grief-stricken. As he stood quietly gazing down into the coffin in which his father was laid out, he was particularly struck by his father’s hands. Even small things can reveal the essence of a person’s life. Later he said: ‘I will never forget those magnificently weathered old hands. They told the story of a countryman’s life in the eloquent language of wrinkles, veins, old scars and new. My father’s hands always bore some fresh scratch or cut as adornment, the result of his latest tangle with a scrap of wire, a rusted pipe, a stubborn root. In death they did not disappoint even in that small and valuable particular. It is not given to sons to know everything about their fathers, but I have those hands in my memory to supply evidence of the obligations he met, the sweat he gave, and the honest deeds he performed.’ By looking at those hands the son could read a better part of the old man’s heart.”
Jesus said to the Apostles: “Look at my hands and feet … Touch me and see for yourselves…” He said the same thing to Thomas: “See my wounded hands and side. Cease doubting and believe.”
Acts 3:13-15.17-19ab; Ps 4: (R.7b); 1 Jn 2:1-5a; Accl Lk 24-32; Gosp Lk 24:35-48 THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER
Prayer Point:
1. Lord Jesus help me to have faith in You no matter the circumstances; help me to bear witness to the Good News in action and in words. Amen.
2. Take the Daily Strength Prayer for the new year in DSD section B.
Exercise: Spend some time gazing at the crucifix today.
Meditation: Luke 24:48.