Scripture Reading: Psalm 65:11

The Author of the book of Ecclesiastes rightly points out that, the end of a matter is better than its beginning (cf. Ecclesiastes 7:8). However, what often baffles me is the fear and tension that believers usually display at the end of each year, heedless of this injunction.

This scriptural encouragement prophetically assures believers of every end as a better one. Usually, there are instances when the beginning is smooth but the end turns sour and rough. There are other times when the beginning may be tough and rough but the end turns smooth. God is not unaware of these peculiarities and dynamics of our human situations and predicaments. He assures us that irrespective of the nature of our beginnings, the end will be better. And so, be assured that no matter the condition with which you started 2017, the end will be better. It is inconsequential, whether January started well or not, the word of God assures you of a better December. AMEN. All believers in Christ Jesus should expect this because “God’s hand is for their cover; God’s path to pass over; God’s buckler to guard them and God’s army toward them” (St. Patrick Breastplate)

God who crowns the beginning of each year with His goodness will crown the end for you with abundance of His goodness in Jesus name. Thank God who in the power of His Spirit gave us the theme “ABUNDANT LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS for 2018. If the “EMBER” months have been a source of panicking for you, the Holy Spirit says to you, “the “EMBER” months are months of the Lord’s goodness and favour”. The Bible is not ambiguous about this; it didn’t say, you crown the year with automobile accident or hunger, or strife or peril, or pains, or setbacks. In clear terms it says, “You crown the year with your goodness and abundance flows in your steps.” Compelled by divine inspiration I pray for you as you read this reflection, may abundance of every good gift of the Lord be your portion this remaining part of the year in Jesus name.

MASS: GREEN/WHITE Dan 7:15-27; Ps Dan 3: (R.60b); Accl Lk 21:36; Lk 21:34-36

Prayer Points:

1. Father, may I experience in my life and family your goodness in abundance in Jesus name

2. I decree that the end of my 2017 shall testify to the truth of the Word of God in Psalm 65:11 in Jesus name.

3. O Lord, my end shall speak of your goodness and favour in Jesus name

4. As the world anticipates the celebration of your Incarnation, let supernatural abundance be my portion in Jesus name.

EXERCISE: Declare each day till the end of the year, “the end of my 2017 shall be filled with God’s goodness in Jesus name.”

MEDITATION: Ecclesiastes 2:8