Scripture Reading: Esther 3:12-14

Hear this, a lady working in one of the commercial banks, was sacked by a Regional Manager because she refused to be involved in a shady deal. Of course, she could not be involved in stealing by trick and her bosses never forgave her for that and she was sacked as a result; but God is sustaining her. She is one of the Esther’s of our time. Esther, a young woman whom circumstances of life had not been fair to; lost her parents at a tender age, became an orphan and was adopted by her cousin Mordecai. Carried away as a slave, she grew up under the harsh treatment of their captors in a foreign land, probably in abject poverty. But things turned around in her favour, she became the queen and lived in the great mansion of her husband the Emperor of Persia. It would have been natural for Esther to have forgotten where she was coming from because of the abundance of blessings and favour the Lord surrounded her life with. Fortunately, she accepted the counsel from her cousin. Mordecai, reminded her of her root and the fact of God, positioning her for a period when her people would be under threat of extermination. Esther disposed herself to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to love her people more than her position, fame and life. She listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through her cousin; heed to it and acted promptly. In the same vein, many of us have been placed in positions of authority by God to be of help to others. Some have been endowed with talents placed by God for the good of the society.

All of us in one way or the other are Esthers of our time. Is there something that God deposited in you, a position he placed you, a talent he has given you that you are not using to help the society? No matter the position you find yourself in life or how little you may consider yourself to be, God has purpose for placing you there. There is somebody or group of persons God has placed you there to be their source of joy. Can you remember how many times you have asked people to wait for your help when you knew you could actually help out? The wisdom the Holy Spirit teaches us today is this, Don’t ask people to wait until tomorrow when you can help them today; especially God’s children. For if you do, God will equally ask you to wait until tomoiTow for what he can do for you today. Luke 6:38a says, “Give to others, and God will give to you.”

Prayer Points:

  1. If I am sincere to myself, I have many times neglected people in my journey of life just because I thought doing that would be protecting my position. Lord, am sony for those times I have failed to make my life count in solving someone’s need.
  2. Dear Jesus, please give me the courage to do what is required of me to do as your child. Cast out every fear from my mind; make my life positively touch someone’s life the rest of the days that I live.
  3. Lord, when my heart becomes cold and my zeal for the work in your vineyard seems to die off, please do not abandon me, at such moments, always help my little faith.
  4. Pray that God will help you locate someone he wants your life to touch.
  5. Pray for the lady in our story that God provides for her, all her good heart’s desires.

Exercise: Try to remember any situation you would have been of help to someone but ended up turning that person down, and then ask for God’s mercy.

Memory Verse: Galatians 6:2