Scripture Reading: Romans 5:4


As attitude determines altitude, likewise character determines what people will say about you now and in the future. Character, be it good or bad, is a distinctive quality that could repel someone from others or attract someone to others. One of the things that will remain in one’s memory long after you have met them is your character. Character lingers in the heart of men for long; that is why it is essential to exhibit good character at the first encounter you have with anybody irrespective of the state of your mind. A positive character makes you very appealing, attractive and interesting to relate with, while bad character repels good people from you. Good characters manifest in form of patience, meekness, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control, while bad character manifests in the form of pride, outbursts of wrath and ego. Character has been confirmed to be more marketable than what you can see or behold. Character is an inestimable gift that you cannot buy at any market place. When you have it, you have all things, when you lack it, you lose all things. Spirituality is not a substitute for good character. Of what essence is a spirituality that is void of good character? I believe you will agree with me that everything revolves around character. If you lose all of your possessions, you have not really lost anything; but if character is lost, everything is lost. Good character exhibited by Rebekah to Abraham’s servant connected her to Isaac (Gen. 24:42-47). Daniel stood out in his time because of his character. He did not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies (Dan 1:8-9). Joseph became a Prime Minister in a foreign land because of his character. Despite his ordeals, he always made others happy (Gen 40:6-7). Nabal mocked David and his servant through his utterances; God struck him to death (I Sam.25:5-10, 36-39). Queen Vashti lost her position as queen to Esther because of her bad character (Est 1:10-12).

Work towards improving your character because without good character you cannot go far in life. Get addicted to the word of God; read, study and meditate on it. This will fortify your spirit, soul and body to exhibit the nature of God. Always remember that your character is your identity; ask for the grace to exhibit good character in all your encounters with others.



Hos 10:1-3.7-8.12; Ps 105:2-3.4-5.6-7(R.4b); Accl Mk 1:15; Gosp Mt 10:1-7 WEEKDAY ST BENEDICT, ABB. (MEMORIAL)


Prayer Point:

  1. Father, as I seek to be morally pure like You, help me to be rid of all hatred, meanness, and cruelty to others.  Help me to be rid of all deceit and hypocrisy.  Help me to be rid of any envy towards others and slander of every kind.  (1 Pet. 2:1) Help me to make conscious decisions every day and not to be conformed to the pattern of this world (Rom.12:2), but to seek higher grounds that mirrors Your laws of righteousness.


Exercise: Let your character be formed from God’s word.