Scripture Reading: Mark 10:50-52


Today the Holy Spirit calls us to reflect on the importance of faith in our lives as Christians. Biblically, “Faith is the realization of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb. 11:1) Faith transcends the realm of belief and can never be reduced merely to it. It is a religious assent to revealed truths not on the basis of evidence but on the basis of trust on the one who reveals such truth. When there is evidence for such a truth, it is no longer faith but a mere belief. Our belief as Christians must have their basis on the word of God which is the revealed truth handed on to us by the fathers of ancient faith. Faith is to believe not because we have a reason to believe; rather, because we trust in the one who has revealed what we believe through His holy Church. This implies that we must build and have confidence on the Word of God if we are to exercise true and genuine faith. Genuine faith, dear friend, does not consider the opinion of the world and it does not consider what the present conditions and situations are saying. All that matters to it is the Word of God —what God has to say. For true faith, let God be true and everything else be a liar. If God has said it, so be it irrespective of what is on ground. It is this kind of faith that we see displayed and exemplified in the woman with hemorrhage and the leper. (Mark 5: 25 —34, 1:40 —45) It is worthy of note to state that the healing of blind Bartimaeus, the woman with hemorrhage and the leper did not come from Jesus but from them. The people had heard about Jesus and they believed even without physical evidence. They were convinced that God can defy the logic of their situations. They believed against all odds and disregarded the asides and tensions coming from the crowd; nobody could dissuade them because their minds were made up already. They had settled with what they’ve heard about Jesus and believed in His power to save them. Their faith brought them healing. Jesus most probably was not ready for them in those occasions. He most likely never had Bartimaeus in mind and never caught sight of him while He was passing that road. But the faith of Bartimaeus got Jesus to go outside His schedule. His faith was the secret and the healer.

Dear friends, healing is effected by the power and anointing of God. (Acts 10:38) It is God who heals; our faith can only be a catalyst to attract and propel healings and miracles. Bartimaeus forced his through; faith can claim a blessing even when God, humanly speaking is not ready. Faith can move God to act since He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God rewards every action of faith. It was Bartimaeus’ faith that healed him. Jesus never sees genuine faith expressed without rewarding it. Genuine faith always draws out, as it were, the treasures of His Divine Grace, putting smiles on our faces. Beloved in the Lord, God still rewards genuine faith in our day and time. Nowhere in the Bible did a genuine faith expressed in the Lord go unrewarded. As you reflect on this word of God this moment, why not stop weeping and bemoaning your situation and start acting on His Word? Yes, again and again your faith can heal you and cause your desired miracle. God wants to reward your faith today with something astonishing.


Rev. 14: 14-19; Ps 96: 10. 11-12. 13;(R. 13b); Accl Rev 2:10c; Lk 21: 5-11

  1. CECILIA, V, M


Prayer Points:

  1. Thank You, Father for Your healing power at work in Your church.
  2. Lord, increase my faith.
  3. Open my eyes, Lord to see the mysteries in Your word.
  4. Father, let everything that is attempting to making You a liar bow in Jesus name.
  5. Lord, cause Your healing power to be effective in my heart.
  6. Earnestly pray for all those who are sick.

Exercise: Do acts of charity especially to those who have hurt you.

Memory Verse: Luke 17:21