Scripture Reading:  Philippians 1:1 – 6

In Proverbs 3:5 the Scripture says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Never rely on what you think you know.”  As humans, our understanding is limited, fallible and subject to error.  It is important, therefore, to allow ourselves to be enlightened by God’s word. (Romans 8:9-16).  In most cases, man rushes things; takes certain decisions without recourse to the will of God.  In such situations, man leans on his own understanding rather than trusting on God according to his Word and Spirit.  When man relies on his own judgment, his mind ismagnified while the Spirit is diminished.  On the contrary the Spirit is magnified when man leans on God’s will; trusting in His word.  Depending on human reason rather than trusting on God leads to pride and spiritual leanness.  Sarah, Abraham’s wife relied on her understanding.  This action led to the birth of Ishmael which brought all sorts strife and complications within Abraham’s household.  Actions led by the flesh, give birth to flesh and the Scripture says that such lead to death; but actions sponsored by the Spirit give birth to the Spirit,leading to life and peace. (Romans. 8:6).

Sometime ago, I was discussing with a User of Daily Strength who had some challenges with her marriage.  She said, “Bro Jude, I waited for a long time before getting married and was constrained to marry a Muslim.  At the points of entering into the marriage we agreed that I can go on with my faith while my children and my husband practice the Muslim faith.  Over the years I resisted pressures from him and family to abandon my faith.  To humiliate me, he went ahead to convince my best friend to join him and they are now married.  I do not have any option than to leave the marriage since we did not wed in the church.”Beloved, this is a typical example of judgment or decision made outside of the Spirit.  It is difficult to salvage a wrong decision based on the flesh; that is why the Holy Spirit says to us today to allow Him direct our thoughts, decisions and actions.  Sarah forgot the covenant God made with her husband.  In Genesis 17:21, the Scripture says, “My covenant will I establish with Isaac.”  Isaac was born as a result of the perfect will of God.  He came in God’s way and in God’s time.  This is why the Holy Spirit says to you again today, “Do not attempt to jump the gun.  Do not attempt to rush ahead of God’s will and plan for you.”  No matter how long you have waited for a need to be met, just be patient, remain prayerful and hopeful; it will certainly come to pass in God’s appointed time.” Refuse to listen to the advice of men, rather depend on God.  God does not need anybody to make Him help you.  It is His plan to do so.  If Satan attacks you, beloved in Christ, you should be able to point him yourspiritual birthplace; the abode of God’.  Tell him that he has no capacity to deceive you into taking decisions that would distort your relation with God.  Beloved, be careful so that you do not rush into a decision that would not only separate you from God but change your destiny and course of history for life.

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song as you are led.
  2. Take this declaration seriously: “I bind and cast out all demons of fear, impatience, worry and timidity in the name of Jesus. I bind and cast out any spirit that would try to tear my life apart in any manner.  God has placed me safely within His arms of shelter and the will of Satan cannot prevail in my life.”
  3. I beseech you; grant me the grace to understand your will for me and the strength to follow it.
  4. Lord, have mercy on all members of Daily Strength family who missed their ways to their spiritual birthplace due to family and flesh driven decisions.
  5. Pray for all members of Daily Strength family who today are unable to find their ways back to God.
  6. Pray against the spirit of pride and all forms of carnality which in no small measure have affected the decision of many.

Exercise:  Share this reflection with someone else.

Memory verse:  Matthew 6:21