Scripture Reading: John 7:14-17
Dear Child of God, you will listen to many things and many teachings but you are only to learn from our Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are challenged to a higher Christian life where it is no longer our moods, ego, personalities, desires and feelings that count but what Christ instructs us to do. It does not matter who will be speaking to us or who it is that will be instructing us to act or react to issues; we must be sure such actions conform adequately to what our Teacher wants. Beloved in Christ, a leader – whether spiritual or secular – can still operate in error. Hence, when there is a conflict of whose instructions to follow, follow that of Jesus Christ. When you do not follow the instructions of the one guiding you, you will fail. The footballers always follow the instructions of their coach, wrestlers or boxers follow the instructions of their referees, students follow the instructions of their examiners, athletes follow the instructions of their trainers but it has become very difficult for Christians to follow the instructions of their Teacher, Jesus Christ. When Christians disagree, riot, or protest, they have failed to listen to our Teacher. When there is absence of love among believers in homes and churches, they have not accepted what Jesus has taught about love. When Christians struggle for names and titles rather than roles and assignment, they have not accepted what our Teacher has taught us about serving. When we still do not come up with ways of extending helping hands to our needy brothers and sisters, we have not accepted what our Teacher taught about touching lives. Typically, in an examination setting, failure begins for the candidate when such candidate refuses to abide by the instructions given to write that exam, in the same vein, there are so many failed Christians today because they have not listened and followed instructions by our Teacher, Jesus Christ. Beloved in Christ, the Scripture reveals why Jesus Christ is the only one you should take what He teaches. In John 7:14 the scripture says, “How does this man have such learning, when he has never been taught? Then Jesus answered them, “My teaching is not mine but His who sent me.” Every great teacher is taught by the Lord; every great preacher preaches what Jesus taught him. Every great mother performs the role of motherhood as taught by Jesus Christ. Actions of true Christians are applications from the knowledge derived from Christ’s teaching. You cannot be great when you refuse to learn from the Lord. The Pharisees, teachers of the law and the Scribes refused to learn from Jesus and are tagged one of the worst titles in the world, “HYPOCRITES”. The Apostles accepted the teachings of the Lord and they made disciples from all nations. 2 John 2:9 warns us thus: “Everyone who does not abide in the teachings of Christ, but goes beyond it does not have God.” Many are called, few are chosen because only “very few” accepts that Jesus Christ is the authentic Teacher.” A lot of people refuse the teachings, many others modify it to suit their desires while very few absolve the undiluted teachings of Christ. Friends in Christ, be among those who would absolve the undiluted teachings of Christ; at the end you will be certified a First Class student (A heavenly citizen). Do not allow your desires ego, feelings or needs teach you what you should do, rather allow all these human attributes to come under the influence of the Master and you shall be filled with true wisdom and knowledge. Believe in Him. IT WILL BE WELL WITH YOU.
MASS: GREEN Gen 8: 6-13. 20-22/ Ps 116: 12-13. 14-15. 18-19 / Mk 8: 22-26
Prayer Points:  1. Take this prayer from Charles Kingsley (1819-75): Lord, guide me, teach me, strengthen me, ‘till I become such a person as thou would have me be; pure and gentle, truthful and high-minded, brave and able, courteous and generous, dutiful and useful. Amen.
2. Lord, make me to yield to your instructions without obstructions by ego, desire, self-will, mood or disposition.
3. Pray for the grace to abide by the teachings of Christ always.
4. Pray for Christian communities and churches where violence, protests and rioting exist as a result of power tussle that they will hear the voice of the Lord calling them to embrace the mind of the Lord.
Exercise: Pray to be part of the International Retreat for all Distributors, Partners and Users of Daily Strength Devotional on Thursday 27th to Friday 29th April 2017 holding at the Jubilee Retreat and Conference Centre, Effurun, Warri, Delta State.
Meditation: John Matthew 23:10