Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:29
I have such an urgency upon me now to release this word. I say this without desiring to bring condemnation. Many want to feel the power of His fire without enduring the refinement of His fire. We are in an hour when Jesus is beckoning His bride to recognize her place hidden in Him. He is our Crucible, the One who holds us as we are purified by the fire of God.
Many want elevation in the Spirit, but they do not want to be refined. When gold is refined, the dross rises first. Understand that before the fire of God elevates you, it eradicates the impurities in your life so that they can be removed by Him. When we grow from faith to faith and glory to glory, His fire intensifies in our lives, and those hidden things keeping us from reflecting Christ fully are brought to the surface so that they can be resolved. No one is exempt from this process.

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