Scripture Reading: Mark 9:42-50

St. Bernard says that human beings are a heap of worms, and the food of worms by whom they will ultimately be devoured. Hence, the ruthlessness with which God treats sin, and demands sin to be treated, is very obvious in the scriptures. His hopes and plans for mankind when He finished creation, didn’t stop God from destroying almost all human race just to eradicate sin. He demanded a thorough search in the time of Achan, and executed a swift judgment when sin was discovered. His love for David didn’t make Him wink at sin when David strayed; He passed an unchanging verdict. Sin has been the only one thing that succeeds to create an irreconcilable gulf between God and His creature (Isa. 59:1-2). Once it comes, a sharp separation occurs, and for this reason, God doesn’t take it lightly.

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